Depth of Field, volume 1, no. 1 (October 2011)Hans Rooseboom: At the Turning Point

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In 2007 the Dutch photographer Reinier van der Lingen began recording his family life, his youngest daughter Lysanne’s seventh birthday being his starting point. The series took a dramatic turn when she was hospitalized soon after that, especially as she died exactly three months after the series was started. Van der Lingen subsequently published a book called 3 maanden (3 Months), containing both photographs from before and after the diagnosis that shattered his young family. The fact that one rarely sees photographs of a young person’s life while they are going through the stages from healthiness and happiness to illness and death makes 3 maanden a remarkable and moving series. The present article describes how Van der Lingen made the series, and explores the ways in which it deviates from the tradition of how children have been photographed in past and present.